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Open Letter to President Biden

Dear Mr. President


The crisis at Joint Base Pearl Harbor- Hickam and Aliamanu Military Reservation is a national emergency. The situation for all Americans living on the installation impacted by the contaminated water is dire. The military is not capable of handling this level of crisis without direct intervention by other agencies. The people of Joint Base Pearl Harbor - Hickam and Aliamanu Military Reservation are losing faith in the very government they and their families have sacrificed their own lives to protect. 


Safe water is a basic human right that is completely inaccessible to thousands of Americans right now. 


We are asking you to declare a state of emergency immediately.


Rachel Christian, AFHA

Kate Needham, Navy Veteran and AFHA

Noelle Pacl, AFHA

Sarah Kline, AFHA 

Chelsea Coulston, AFHA

Sarah Lenox, AFHA

Rachael Kilpatricks, Army Veteran and AFHA

Heather Cress, AFHA

Amanda Farrell, Veteran Spouse and AFHA

Rebecca Winn, Military Spouse

Lizzy Witt, Air Force

Angela Straight, Army Spouse

Meghan Torrence, Military Spouse

Heather Fisher, Navy Spouse

Jenifer Watkins, Navy Spouse

Andrea Atchison, Navy

Melissa Goertz, USAF Spouse

Hanna Rippetue, Army Spouse

Whitney Daniel, Navy Spouse

Lauren Allen, Navy 

Joshua Marshall, Active Duty 

Leslie Wilkison, Navy

Jasmine Roddy, Navy Veteran and Navy Spouse

Christine Roberts

Joshua Taylor, Active Duty Air Force

Molly Stubbs

Mariah Garcia, Active Duty Spouse

Brianne McQuillan, Army Spouse

Quintara Clark, Air Force Reserves and Govt Spouse

Erica Sherrier, Navy

Jessica Erikson

Christina Banks, Navy Spouse

Jessica Drost, Navy Spouse

Sonya Gomez, Army

Ceasarae Galvan, Military Spouse

Austin Galvan, Active Duty 

Cori Roberts, Army 

Faouzi Kawkab, Navy 

Loredana Minasi, Military Spouse and GS Employee

Marissa Baptista, Federal Govt Contractor and Hawai'i resident 

Bayley Scheeler, Navy Spouse

Richelle Dietz, Navy Spouse

Amanda Beall, Navy Spouse 

Marianna Waynick, Active Duty Spouse

Melanie Halsey, Navy (Ret) Spouse

Kristin McCardle, Navy Spouse

Marian Kohler, US Navy Veteran and Military Spouse

Sarah O

Tiffany Weed, Navy 

Nicole Sonthivongnorath, Navy 

Lia Theo, Navy Spouse 

Gisela N Rosa Medina, Army Spouse 

Dana Fontanilla, Military Spouse

Amanda Dunlap, Navy Spouse

Sarah Ballard, Navy Spouse

Samantha Faulds, Army Spouse 

Roxana Ross, Military Spouse

Corina Crump, Navy Spouse 

Jamie McKelvain, US Coast Guard

Kristen Graham

Tricia Forehand, Military Spouse 

Kassandra O'Connor

Stephanie Esposito, USMC Spouse

Ashlee Ohlsen, Active Duty Navy 

Joy Bryant, Navy Spouse

Sandra Atchison

John Atchison

Angela Loupee

Charnelle Dunovant, DOD Employee and DAV Spouse 

Corky Dunovant, Army (Ret.) and DOD Civilian 

Calvin Kilpatrick

Michelle Taylor

Alice Kibling 

Bonnie Salyards

Ainsley Durham, Navy 

Jacque McLean, Army 

Ashley Casillas, Navy

Kaitlin Dennis, Army Spouse

Lacey Quintero, Navy Veteran 

Jaime Traeger, Army Spouse

Carla Farmer

Marcela Matos, Navy Spouse

Kaley Rooney, Military Spouse

Franchesca West-Ford, Air Force Veteran 

Sheryl Ware, Navy

Sabrina Buckrucker, Army Spouse

Laura Martin, Military Spouse

Morgan Berry, Navy Spouse

Keylee Lederer, USCG

Nancy Pacl, Veteran 

Kathryn Klingenmith, Army Spouse

Tanya Stemple, US Navy 

Jacob Calleros

Ariel Strothers

Priya Phillips-Rashid, US Army Reserves 

Timberley Hallbauer, Navy Spouse

Lindsay McLean

Gary McLean, Air Force Veteran

Vanessa Sloop, Military Family

Kelly Viles, Army

Kayla Marie Grose, Navy

Michelle Pierce

Ellen Johnson

Amiee Wise, Navy

Alexandra Avina, Air Force

Sara McCann, Navy Spouse

Elizabeth Rudd-Meyers

Lena Childs

Skyler Hernandez, Army Spouse

Luis Hernandez, Army 

Melissa Coleman, Army 

Lisa Hansen, Air Force Spouse 

Missy Jack 

Manion Kalio 

Emily Levine, Former Army Spouse 

Wendy Scott, Air Force Spouse

Katlin Lumme

Stacy Maclaskey 

Pat Smith, Parent of Active Duty 

Rebecca Pendergraft

Ashley Smith, Active Duty Spouse 

Brandon Chappo, FAA

Nekane McGarvie, Air Force

Lori Barr

Alied Gonzalez, Military Spouse

Mary Collette 

Cynthia Rau, Veteran and Air Force Spouse 

Kristine Kopp

Kati Kati, Military Dependent 

Jaime Williams, Coast Guard Spouse 

Tara McDonlad

Jennifer Noel, Army Veteran Spouse

Olivia Martin

Jenny Brown, Army Veteran Spouse 

Jeannette Canney

Donna Humphreys

Jasmine Knell, Military Spouse 

Kristen Grant, USAF Veteran

Denise Macklin

Charlotte Miller, Veteran

Leah Frise

Ashley Carter, Navy 

Kimberly Polston, Navy 

Kaitlin Schmidt

Kristen Pfluger, Spouse of Active Duty 

Christine Shen 

Tabitha Keagle

Larz Petersen

Shannon Porter, Army Spouse

Jeff Durham

Alicia Herman, Army 

Brenda Westover

Stacey Samala 

Jennifer Griffin 

Maribeth Bieber, Air Force Mom

Cynthia Withrington

Lola Gauley

Laurie ONeal

Debra Hernandez 

Julia C

Megan Burckhard

Kelly Duck

Bev Hunter 

Gina Journey

Rebecca Hartwig, USAF

Lisa Weaver 

Gabby Baum

Amy Billotte

Jaime Neese

Sharon Hensen, Active Duty Navy Parent 

Cinnamon Creel, Military Parent 

Sharla Williams

Sunni Self

Chrissy Badger, Military Brat

Jessica Maynard, Former Military Child 

April Antico

Debra Puckrtt, Spouse of Vietnam Veteran 

Melissa Udvarhelyi

Kelly Miller, Navy Veteran Spouse 

Martha Jones

Micki Mckenzie

Susana Tharp, Military Spouse 

Libbi Luther

Chaise Lowe, Air Force Active Duty 

Beth Buchmiller

Connie Colton

Sheila Simmons

Martha Jones

Nancy Mendoza 

Jamie Arnett

Billie Leonard

Anne Haven

Bailey Haseman

Daniel Green 

Tabetha Barncord, Air Force Daughter and Army Spouse 

Jennaca Green 

Brenda Iddings

Rachel Melendy 

Amy Brown, Air Force Spouse 

Amy May

Sharon Ward

Sheri Blancheete

Kris Griffin

Nancy Knowlton, Navy Granddaughter 

Kimmi Bailey

Leslie Gates, Retired Army Spouse

Liz Ray 

Mary Anthony, Military Spouse

Cheryl LaPerle

Kelly Nihipali

Lisa Hoag

Emmylou Pennell

Bailey Marxen, Navy Spouse

Neve Ruiz Rubio

Shannon, Air Force

Kristie Miles

Susan Werner

Jenna Whitaker

Derek Goodlett

Cara Stanislaw

Anna Rafmall

Shannon Ramirez, Family of Veterans 

Danny Miller, Family of Active Duty

Erica Adams

Matilda Jamieson

Rachael Hanback

AnnMarie Trevino

Aiden Mervar

Valarie Jonak 

Marianne Kopech 

Kirsten Carrasco 

Angela Golden

Emily Burton 

Justin Maxwell, Military Brother 

Marilyn Delgado

Brenda Stepp

Jessica Dowden

Sarah Truax 

Claire Bartlett

Amber Peterson, Military Spouse 

Cindy Graham, Child of WWII Veteran 

Sean Brammer 

Louise Murphy 

Cathy Atchison

Ashley Matthews 

Abigail Thomas

Steve Bryant, USAF

Martha Ortiz, Navy Spouse

Karen Snyder

Kelli Davis, Air Force

Nettie Wicks

Joel Hernandez, Army 

Leah Miller, Army Veteran Spouse

Anna Fendley, USN Spouse

Char Padilla, Spouse

Emily Campbell

Montana Parrish, Navy Veteran and Active Duty Spouse

Tina Patton, Resident Hickam AFB

Owen Harju

Cheyenne Pomory, Navy Spouse 

Susan Smith 

Ruby Smith 

Natalie Whiteman, Health Department

Brian Todd

Rosita Jimenez-Hairston

Mel Lindsay, Daughter of WWII Veteran 

Morgan Elliott, Navy Spouse

Betsy Gasior, Navy Daughter and Spouse

Rhea Santos, US Army Spouse 

Lucas Cole

Julie Tufano 

Amanda Ferrick

Lisa Dunn

Kiara Pelestor

Barbara Montes

Adriana Dozal

Elizabeth Carino, Army 

Julia Piccolo

Jennifer Payne

Elliot L

Sherry Farmer 

Terry James, Military Family 

Madeline Williams

Crystal Thomas, Dependent 

Casey Moye, Air Force

Tonya Rodgers

Hayley Reeves, Army 

Doug Moye 

Casey Moye, Army 

Heather Eckstein, Army Spouse

Kristina Ackley

Wendy Erlandsen 

Laura Capes

Debra Dacus

Jennifer Paquin

Berni Tragert

Wendy Clark 

Shannon Masefield 

Jamie Brott, Former Army/Navy Dependent 

Jen K, Army Spouse 

Jessica Larsen 

Keri Williams, Navy Spouse 

Adrianna Coberley 

Jackson Pray 

Ernest Williams, Active Duty Navy 

Penny Kickery 

Veronica Miller, Former Military Child

Darlene Curtis

Pepper Dugas 

Robbie Storla

Sarah Reece

Myra Ostrander, Army Veteran 

Carlos Espinosa 

Carly Galley, Daughter and Granddaughter of Veteran 

Jill LeMasurier

Brandon McNeil, USCG

Marie Bostick

Deborah Terry 

Katherine Huff

Sally Hanks

Danyelle Wasiak, Active Duty Navy Military Spouse 

Barbara Hadley, Spouse of Retired HMC

Jacquelyne Ricker, Navy 

Joshua Taylor, USCG

Cara Nix, Military Spouse 

Randy Hillis, Navy Veteran and Father/Grandfather of impacted USCG Family

Tara Whiting, Army Spouse 

Gustavo Juarez, USAF

Lela Graf, Navy Spouse 

Julie Bruce, Spouse 

Kimberly Preston, Army 

Jeremy Preston, Army 

Adam Rodgers, Active Duty Army 

Minami Uchida, Air Force

Lonnie Lake, Retired Army and DOD Civilian 

Patricia Ketchem, Military Spouse 

Nastasia Freeman, Navy Spouse 

Ana Stancil, Military Spouse 

Evan Tovey

Raquel Lombard, USCG

Miriam Caner, Navy 

Mark Patrick, Army Spouse 

SarahJoy Patrick, Army 

Derrick Smullen, Army 

Victoria Mathis, Army 

Haylee Bixby, Family Military 

Miguel Garcia 

Igor Kuwonu 

Kayla Wilson 

Katie Heard, Military Spouse 

Crissy EscotoMay, Army Spouse 

Chris Ewers, USAF 

Marr Benoit

Branden Curtis, Army 

Tammy Walker

Nicholaus Russell 

Kristen Jenkins, Military Spouse 

Colleen Gaudette

Karen Ratliff

Ava Rutkowski 

Tess Tourville 

Kendra Anthony 

Elana Somers, USCG

Rosemarie Rosas 

Barbara Skeen

Elizabeth Rau 

Alicia Worth, Military Spouse 

Scarlett Charles, Military Spouse 

April Perkins

Erica Rosenberg, Military Spouse 

Julie Watts, Military Spouse 

Sharon Fludovich, Navy 

Briana Anderson

Shelby Rye 

Lindsey Storm, Military Spouse 

William Marcinick

John Palcher

Kellie Jenkins 

Jennifer Manis, USAF Spouse 

Debbie Dauphinais 

Glenda Bushue

Jennifer C, Military Spouse 

Ileana Hernandez, Navy 

Isa Garza 

Rebecca Estus

Jacquelyn Schoech, Navy Spouse 

Sianna McGuire, Navy Spouse 

Sabrina Wickens, Parent of Active Duty Navy 

Connie Williams, Parent 

Sandy Paterno

Marise DiGiovanni

Sarah Hooper

Sara Tobin, Army 

Taylor Perryman, Navy Spouse

Bryce Perryman, Navy 

Alvan Welch, USCG

Christina Mack, Marines 

Xavier Mack, Marines 

Patrick Maloon, Army 

Annaelise Wilson

Isabel Maloon, Army Spouse 

Melanie Ahlstrom, Military Spouse 

Alexandria Cunningham, Navy 

Amanda Scott, Air Force Dependent 

Katherine Mcclanahan, Air Force

Amy Peguero

Veronica Padilla, Dependent 

Mischellean Smith

Aleah Flores

Sarah Hamilton, Air Force Spouse 

Dorsia Davidson 

Lynn Willinson 

Priscilla Muigai, Army 

Anthony Escue, Army 

Ariana Escue, Army 

Emily Miller

Rose Liddick, Spouse of Air Force 

Desiree Kapaku, Army Spouse 

Ashlegh Breiner, US Army Veteran and Military Spouse 

Miguel Birriel Serrano, Army 

Sam Brown

Alison Corbett 

Tyson Kapaku 

Amy Severin, USCG 

Lauren Hayward, Army Spouse 

Luca Sterley 

Rebecca Landers, Army 

Erin Gardner, Air Force Spouse 

Anthony Wilson, Army 

Rachelle Thomas, Spouse 

Sharie Countryman, Air Force Mother 

Susanne Selle

Jen Willemsen 

Debra Brigham

Kenzie Reese 

Michele Norman 

Shea Sines, Army Spouse 

Melissa Tower

Susan Seiber

Jennelle Belfon

Douglas Moye, USAF

Kayla Jaime, USCG Veteran and USCG Spouse

Alicia Farthing, Army Spouse 

Jenny Llyod, Army

Najlaa Macklin, Army

Erica Haray

Claudia Twiss, Active Duty Army

Kaye Murphy, Air Force Spouse at JBPHH

Jena Zander, Military Spouse and Former Military Child

Olivia Sorensen, Air Force Spouse

Kim Charters, Army Spouse

Amy Adams, Navy Spouse

Jessica Weiser 

Joniece Smith, Coast Guard 

Megan Wilcox 

Breanne Worthey, Coast Guard Spouse 

Robert Custer, Army 

Laverna Unruh 

Spencer Shaffer

Valerie Ka'ahanui, Navy Spouse

Veronica Yosting, USCG

Polina Lane, Army Spouse 

Valentina Mitchell, Spouse

Rachel Henderson

Claudette McDonough, USCG Spouse 

Rachel Eldridge, Navy Spouse

Lagela Ellis Howard, Military Parent 

Karen Smallidge, USAF/Navy

Anna Kelly, Army Spouse 

Sandra Maldonado, Navy Spouse 

Trisha Bogdon, USCG

Joshua Plascensia Mendez, Navy Dependent

Janyah Ellis, US Army

Amanda Cruz, Active Duty Spouse 

Judy Vargas, Military Spouse

Estefania Small, Airforce Spouse 

Heather Gayton, Military Spouse 

Toalua Amani, Army Spouse 

Elizabeth Ellis, Army 

Joseph Ellis, Army 

Millie Mendez, Military Child

Tailina Bennett, Military Spouse

Mariano Gamarra Olivera, Army 

Jeremiah Flores-Mendez, Military Dependent 

Jessica Lovato

Ricky Lovato, Army

Monica Barrieau, Army Spouse 

Natalie Riggs

Veronica Lopez, Navy Spouse

Jeanne Pireda, Navy Spouse 

Erin Hensley

Anthony Nelson, Active Duty

Allison Williams 

Steven Hensley, Air Force Veteran

Jill Barrette, Navy Dependent 

Sanovia Peavy

Kaylene Sheran 

Taylor Hickman, Active Duty Spouse

Bridget Felthoff, USCG

Michelle Lehner, Family of Ret Navy 

Kari Eberts, Active Duty Spouse

Kayla Clark, Navy 

Rich Schaefer

Jacqueline Thomas, Army 

Sabrina Re, USCG

Katelyn VanCamp

Shannon Bencs, Navy 

Kendall Weger

Kate Dettmer, USCG Spouse 

Lisa Pellmann 

Erica Rivera, USCG

Linda Thomas

Michelle Loop

Dana Morehead

Amanda Rummel, Air Force Spouse 

Christina Garr 

Somaly Tidwell

Sophia Gugliemelli, Army Spouse 

Ashley Lentz

Amanda Scott, Air Force Spouse 

Jody Ruszczynski, Veteran Spouse 

Tiffany Smith, Air Force Spouse 

Valencia Macon, Soldier 

Cierra Stamey-Lucas, Military Spouse 

Jaden Head

Rickson Fisher, Navy Dad 

Melanie Cumbee, Veteran and Army Spouse 

Margaret LaPlante

Ariel Gonzalez, USCG

Cynthia Rivera 

Katie Cortes 

Richard Schaefer, Navy 

Dakota Wiersma, USCG

Amanda Alexander 

Isaac Sotupo, Active Duty 

Aarika Sotupo, Army Spouse 

Missy Wittkopp, Army Spouse 

Cheyenne Schaefer, Navy 

Somaly Tidwell, Army Spouse 

David Hall, Army 

Alyssa C

Aria Kinsey, Spouse 

Belinda Michael, Military Mother-in-Law

Rachel Moor

Mark Williams, Military Parent

Daisy Stickney, Army 

Barb Morris

Genevieve Nale, Military Spouse 

Tyler Gallaher, Army Child 

Andrea Gamarra

Ashley Adkins, Army Spouse 

Monica Hart 

Estrella Colon, Military Spouse 

Chris Fulton, Navy Veteran 

Beatriz Thompson, Military Family 

Xavier Thompson, Military Family 

Chiara Thompson, Military Family 

Erin Thompson, Military Family 

Eric Rondeau, Army 

Brandi Stull, Air Force

Alycia Young 

Maisie Tolson 

Ashley Coyle, Army Veteran 

Cissy Contreras, Army Dependent 

Tiffany Nettles, Army 

Melissa Shows

Maryland Morgan, Navy Spouse and Former NAF Employee

Beckie King, Air Force Spouse

Milagros Escalera, Army 

Daniella Horne, Veteran and Military Spouse

Kimberly Miller, Army Spouse

Elizabeth Capper, Military Family 

Steph B, USCG

Rachel Negron, USCG Spouse

Jenette Ascano

Stacey Phillips

Raison Delacruz, Army 

Elicia Sanchez

Dedet San Juan-Vistro, Veteran and Navy Spouse 

Susan Harpole, Military Mother 

Beth Denham

Daphne Gillespie, Military Family 

Erin Durando, Military Spouse 

Anna Fendley

Philip Durando, Army 

Rebecca Brtva, Military Family 

Nancy Vicente Correa, Dependent 

Ashley Fisher

Carl Comeaux, Army Ret. 

Ann Ferguson 

MaryAnn Pomeroy, Navy Spouse 

Natalie Tilley, Air Force 

Eric Heim, Navy 

Sarah Dodson, Spouse 

Susan Norman, Parent of Servicemember 

Sarah Schaefer, Navy Mom

Brianna Weathers

Frederick Roquemore

Ashlee Roquemore, Ret. Army SFC and Spouse

Estefania Laynez Martinez, Military Spouse 

Jody Senderovitz

Stephanie Noell, National Guard 

Alyssa Crosthwaite, Military Spouse 

Marianne Loheide, Army 

Ryan Chambers

Florence Regine Ganotisi 

Un Shin, ARNG 

Jessica Alden, Navy 

Jennifer Knowles, Army Spouse

Stefani Zirger

Amanda Cutierrez, Coast Guard Spouse 

Frances Arapis

Maya Barney, Army Spouse 

Margaret Matherne, Former Navy Spouse 

Jenna Workman, Coast Guard 

Jason Satter, USCG

Amanda Satter, USCG 

Ethan Richards, Army 

Corinna Poole, Navy Spouse 

Sara F

Aideen Hammes, Military Family

Amanda Gearllach

Jamie Slover, USCG

MJ Boice, Marine Spouse

Owl Linda, Military Spouse 

Caitlin Davenport, Navy Spouse 

Nacole Coppock, Parent of Two Servicemembers

Robert Hensing 

Julie Fegler, Retired Army Spouse 

Nathan Beck

Aron Golden, Active Duty Family 

Tony Posnanski

Dennis Clark, Navy 

Sergio Rodriguez, Navy 

Jennifer Todd, Veteran and Retired Spouse 

Tiffany Reynolds, Army 

Carolyn Nixon, Navy Spouse 

Susan Miller

Kaitlyn Dunseith 

Bodhi Alegria, Marines

Samantha Cartagena

Diedre Willbanks, Army Dependent 

Larry Kuhn

Daniel Cortes 

Janet Kazmar 

Kim Gardner, Air Force Parent 

Ashley Reed, Army 

Patrick Anderson, Air Force Veteran 

Christine Kotas

Candace Montambo, Active Duty Spouse 

Lydia F

J Webb, Military Dependent 

Sherry Fields, Army 

Melissa Zygulski, Spouse 

Vanessa Chatham, Navy Spouse 

Linden Pettit, Parents are Veterans 

Stacey Wicks

Kevin Armstrong

Molly Rohwer, Navy Spouse 

Kari Johnson, Military Spouse 

Christie Taylor, USAF Spouse 

David Cox, Active Duty 

Kesla Fystrom-Leake

Coleen Thibault, Civilian DoD

Luc Den Breeijen

Nathan Nowak, USAF

Hannah Nowak, USAF Spouse

Lindsey Slattery, Army Spouse 

Katie Moor

Rose Miller 

Lisa Danos, Navy Spouse 

Kristine Gabel

Levi Johnson 

Adena Rogers

Merandann Allphin

Shonna Tarin

Joshua Hallard, Army 

Sarah Daniel

Nisha Money, DoD

Stephanie Parks, Air Force

Veronica Crescioni, Air Force

Alison Cameron

Monica Wollner

Brooklyn Williams, Former Contractor

John Jones

Antonice Harrison, Spouse 

Andra Lethgo, Army Spouse 

Sheri LeDue, Civilian Iroquois Pt.

Traci Ruiz, USAF

Lillie Britt

Emi Montances, Air Force Family 

June VerPloeg, Spouse of Ret. Marine

Amy Dawson

Standra Cameron

Ranelle Duke, Navy Spouse 

Debra Tullo, Spouse of Veteran 

Laurie Wright, Ret. Veteran 

Debby Wright 

Tammy Bevins 

Carleen Mulloy, Father 

Mitchell Utter

Doug Nolte, USAF Veteran 

Beverly Trego

Linda Seckman 

Lee Johnson 

Magda Capurso

Kathy Huffman 

Diane Dane

Toni Patterson

Susan Jankowski 

Charles Navin, USMC

Yvonne Lochner

Judith Kimsen, Military Father, Uncles and Brother 

Erin Canziani

Dawn Houser

Candice Zamora

Erica McCoy, Daughter of Ret. Navy 

Debbie Flores

Dawn Kreikemeier, Father Military 

Babz Austin

Kenya Martinez, USAF Veteran 

Kris W

Ashante Burge, Army Veteran 

Hammett Brittni, Former Navy Dependent 

Luanna Sheridan 

Marcus Brown

Airisha Garcia, Spouse

Tiffany Toll, Navy Spouse

Tari Gilbert, Military Family 

Bella Jaikaran, Dependent 

Rebecca Straughan

Michelle Richardson 

Heidi Phillips 

Robin Finley, Army Spouse 

Judy Deaton 

Nicole Frelick

Rick Crosthwaite

Wendy Holmes

Denis Frelick

Elvia Arana, Son Daughter-in-Law and 3 Grandchildren 

Dominic Jaikaran, Family Member 

Monica Jaijaran, Widow

Elizabeth Richards

Cutoria McBride

Jaime Silva

Donna Bashline

Ruth Piotrowski

Leslie Haase

Emily Quattrocchi 

Susan Ansell, Father was WWII Veteran 

Maria Allison

Crystal Crocheron 

Eric Takamıya

Vicki Addley 

Nathan Yordy, Army 

Sarah Kurtz

Claire Massey 

Jennifer Rettig, Army Spouse

Tonya Reynolds, US Navy Ret. Spouse 

Tricia Depinet, Army Infantry Parent 

Joe Hinkel, Army Veteran 

Kim Russell

Kelli Neveu

Thomas Kelly

Luciano Bianco

Mary Hugill, Military Spouse 

Deb Farmer 

Beverly Folkers, Navy 

Tina Sigg

Colleen Larkin 

Lisa Smith 

Marcus Potthoff

Tasha Hedding 

Tina Gosda

Kasey Levi

Karen Lyons 

Tawanda Patterson

Kaylene Carter, Military Spouse 

Fancy Frenchwood

Alexis Butterfield

Christine Snoke

Katharine Kohler-Yap, Widow of Army Vet

Asa Myren

Austin Zigmond

Jean Cleary, Nana to Navy Personnel

Katie Roberts, Air Force Spouse 

Myles Armstrong 

Denise M Cady, USAF

Colonel Ann Wright, US Army Ret. 

Katy Mills

Tyler Pleckaitis

Pamela Kiernan

Subrina Seecharan

Milly Sanders

Tasha Rose

Dee Scrutchins, Navy

Joyce Tatum, Spouse of Retired MSG 

Summer F

Darrin Malleis, Army 

Lindsay Ladnier 

Chris Anton

Kelly Morris

Olivia Robertson 

Kelly Ann Morrow, Army Ret

Chelsea Beck

Gemma Jacks

Alisa Kraft, Army Vet and Army Spouse 

Sophia Estrada 

Rebecca Buchholz, Navy

Ashlie Boothe

Cheryl Khan

Joe Stayt

Melanie Windwalker

Moriah Moore

Rebecca Emerson

Pat Maben, Military Parent

Patrick Feindt, Military Spouse

Amanda Feindt, Active Duty Army 

Delicia Moore

Mark Anderson, Army

Lisa Charles, AF Veteran and AF Retiree Spouse

Davie-Ann Thomas, (Ret.) Military Spouse

Robert Klinehoffer, Navy Veteran 

Jen Avakian, Spouse

James Merrill, QMC (ret.)

Kelly Morris

Michelle Poppler, Veteran Spouse 

Rhonda Light, Navy Veteran 

Shelby Law, Navy Spouse